Sunday, October 22, 2017

Early Bird special - deluxe and pocket inhalers - below wholesale pricing.

Breathe Easy…Leave the Bottles at Home!

We are all on the go these days, so how do we incorporate essential oils into our busy lives?  Lugging around a bunch of glass bottles isn’t ideal.  We suggest inhalers.  They are pretty, neat (not messy), convenient and travel with ease.  

Perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift; fits easily in a purse, travel bag, back-pack, or pants pocket.   
Deluxe Personal

Decorative small pocket aromatherapy inhalers are great for purse or pocket, to hold your favorite oil or blend. When you need the effects, but don't want to wear the scent, this is your solution.

We offer two types of decorative pocket inhalers: pocket refillable or personal (which is sealed and meant for one specific use/oil/or blend). Christi thinks they both look like fancy lipstick holders. The sealed Personal inhalers are available in Silver, Pewter, Magenta, Green, Red and Black while supplies last.  If we run out of a color, we reserve the right to substitute.

Smelling salts in the making.
Create your own “smelling salts” with the pocket refillable inhalers. Inside the handsome case is a small glass vial. Fill with sea salt (for smelling salts) or a twist of a cotton ball, and saturate with your favorite essential oil or blend. When it's time to change to a different oil, just empty, wash with alcohol to remove all trace of the oil, and refill.   They are all bright and pretty. (You may request a color in comments at check-out but we reserve the right to make the selection.)

 Available in Red, Cobalt Blue, Magenta, Aqua Blue, and Lavender.

Pocket Refillables
Christi prefers the pretty little personal inhalers for Blue Tansy, which she regularly reaches for due to allergies. These contain a glass vial, stuffed with cotton to absorb the oils. Use the included tiny dropper to add your chosen oil or blend through the holes at the top.

Some of favorite ways to use our inhalers according to our clients: Sine Ease synergy for fall sinus drainage; as we mentioned above, some allergy sufferers use our Blue Tansy Oil; a pregnant mommy reports using our Happy Morning Synergy for nausea; and lots of folks use as a method to keep Flu Foil on hand over the Winter months.  Try as we may, we've never been able to make them leak. Available in Green, Light Silver, Black, Burgundy, Gold, Lavender, Pewter Blue, Red, and Magenta. 3-1/8 inches long.

Note:  Educator and author Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes says Geranium in an inhaler can be helpful for ear infections.  (Did you know that if an oil is inhaled through the mouth, not the nose, that it goes directly to the inner ear and can help combat both infection and pain?  Neither did I!)
Still not sure what to fill the inhaler with? See our lists of Healing Blends and Synergies on our Aromatherapy Blends and Products page.

This week only we are offering all our “pretty” inhalers at a greatly reduced price:  Buy a single inhaler for $5.00 or purchase 3 inhalers for $12.00.  (You may request  preferred colors in comments, if buying the set, but we reserve the right to make the color selections since some colors are in short supply.)  No other discounts may apply to these lower than wholesale prices. NOTE, the three for $12.00 are at the bottom of the dropdown selection for each inhaler.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sustainable Spikenard

I have been reading a lot recently about the lack of sustainable Spikenard.  We know Nardostachys
Spikenard Roots
is on the CITES list of endangered plants, and we are concerned about our sourcing.

I have had long discussions with our Nepalese supplier about the issue of sustainability.

Our Spikenard comes from an area high in the Himalayas. The producer is setting up 2 distillation units in very remote parts of Nepal. This area was badly hit by the earthquake of 2015. This six minute video shows the terrain, the villages and villagers.

After watching the video, I asked, "Based on the video,  the village that you are working with is just now starting to harvest the abundance that surrounds them.  But how can you or do you prevent over harvesting? This is a question that I often see debated, and I would like to be able to give those who ask your answer to it."

And the answer came.  It makes sense to me, and I hope will for our clients and friends, as well.
Dear Marge,
Thank you so much for your compliments on the youtube video.
I totally understand your concerns regarding the sustainability of Spikenard. It is true that the material has been over harvested and most of the time it is being smuggled to India.
But in our case it is very different. Below are the basic 5 points why we are different.
1.       We do not buy raw material with vendors, we involve communities. We work with the communities and they are aware of the disasters of over harvesting. They protect their asset without letting other enter their territory.
2.      We only distill about 100 KG oil which is only 25% of our allotted amount from the government.
3.      We use most advance distillation equipment that utilizes only 15% of firewood compared to other distillation and has 20% more yield on the oil recovery.
4.      We conduct trainings and workshops on good harvesting practices and sustainability of herbs in the community.
5.       We have invested so much on the equipment as they were imported and airlifted to the site, therefore we plan to work on the facility for more than 20 years. Without herbs and its sustainability we will lose our business. We are concerned.

I loved the answers I was given, and hope you will, as well. And, for another video, taken three years earlier, just an overview of the beauties of Nepal, watch here.

Enjoy!   (Of course you may read more about, and purchase, our Spikenard Essential Oil on our website.