Friday, August 18, 2017

Those Frankincense infusions

One of the men in my life has an incredible gift for describing aromas, and putting into words the effects of the aromatics he experiences.

He recently got the chance to experience and play will all four of our Infused Frankincense oils.

I envy his gift of description, and thought you might love  his descriptions of our new treasures.

Frankincense Serrata Infusion:

Frankincense serrata has always been my favorite Frankincense Essential Oil. This infusion
Serrata Infusing
holds true to that statement. Multi dimensional, amazing depth, and creates a comforting energy for mediation. It almost seems to say, "calm down. Everything is going to be alright." Upon application to my skin it's light, citrus, and fresh. Like freshly showered soapy skin. As it develops it becomes more woodsy, and just the slightest touch of smoke. Upon further investigation I added just a drop of Frankincense serrata essential oil to this infusion. Magic! I feel this infusion would be a great addition to "me time." It allowed me to reflect upon myself with an honest, and open mind. 

 Frankincense Sacra, Silver:

Sacra Silver being measured.

This infusion smells just like the essential oil I have. A combination of floral, resin, and light wood, but dries down a touch more woodsy and resinous as the powdery floral notes disappear. It smells like the definition of captured sunshine. I've noticed that my spirit guides respond with much more clarity while meditating with this infusion. Shedding light on things hidden in the dark. Some I knew were there because of suppressing them, and others new to me. This infusion is a great tool for self discovery, and improvement. 

 Frankincense Sacra, Brown:

Sweet, citrusy, floral, almost like a cup of spiced Orange tea with a touch of honey. Very
Brown Sacra Pearls
uplifting for me energetically. As it unfolds on the skin it tends to stay lighter than the other infusions. Not so much woodsy as deeply resinous and citrus. I'm particularly drawn to this infusion in the mornings because of its energizing quality. I'm not a morning person, but this infusion brings about a calming yet focusing feeling. Something that could really get your mind on track for the day. 

Frankincense Sacra, Green:  

Green Sacra
This infusion reminds me of the Earth. Woody, grassy, almost coniferous. Clear, and airy though. The smell of green life in the canopy of a forest rather than the dirt, and roots below. I sense an almost Petitgrain note as it develops. Meditating with this infusion I am overcome by feelings of gratitude. I'm reminded of everything I have to be grateful for, and that life is too short to even consider what I "don't have"or "haven't accomplished". As it dries down a sour candy note appears, and continues to remind me that life is pretty sweet most of the time, and that I can't be too serious all the time or I'll miss out on beautiful things. 

My friend went on to write,

"These are incredible. They all serve the spiritual purpose of Frankincense, but with individual sub purposes. When choosing the right one for myself it really depends on where I am in my head, and what I need. I couldn't choose to own just one. At some point I will have to own all four. Just throwing an idea your way... But... Perhaps for the holidays. A gift set of all four. The ultimate gift for the meditator. Thank you so much for letting me experience these amazing infusions. The possibilities of blending with these are endless, and I can't wait to experiment more."

I am so grateful for the friend who creates these amazing infusions for us, and for the friend who so beautifully describes them!  (And that we are privileged to make them available to all of you!)

These, and other infused oils may be found in our collection of infusions, here.


Monday, July 24, 2017

There's a Sucker Born Every Minute

Christi R. Pugh

PT BARNUM is widely credited with saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”  (whether he actually said this is debatable but we understand the sentiment). Similarly, 19 th Century bad boy and celebrated author Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing worse in life than being talked about and that is not being talked about.” 

In our “reality tv,” society some may subscribe to those theories.  Nature’s Gift has been around nearly 25 years and there are many occasions when we are flattered to be mentioned as a source for quality essential oils and aromatherapy products in books, blogs, magazines, and other types of media, when the author is someone we respect.  We appreciate folks helping get the word out and are grateful for the validation.

But there are times when we are listed as a source in a book or magazine that dispenses terrible advice, bad safety information (like promoting the use of ‘neat oils,’), or other misinformation. Years ago, a well-known “alleged” charlatan listed us in a widely distributed book, much to our dismay. On one hand, we hope the reader may find us, a reputable source for aromatherapy information, whom otherwise might not have found us.  Then we can help them. On the other hand, Marge cringes every time it happens, for fear of someone being harmed by the information being dispensed with no thought of safe or appropriate use.

Recently she received an email from a sweet Southern lady in need of help with several issues.  This sweet lady found Nature’s Gift because we were listed as a reputable source in a book she purchased about Aromatherapy and essential oils.  We had never heard of the authors and the advice the authors gave was horrific! (We are not naming the book. Why give them publicity?)

A few examples of things they say to do (all dangerous advice):

Ingest Lemon Oil and water for acid reflux. (will make it worse!)
Clove, Peppermint, and Frankincense chest rub for cough. (undiluted! Will burn and sensitize.)
Ingest Peppermint and Ginger with water for nausea.  (only inhalation is needed.  Very scary!)

These are only a few of their “gems.”  Marge exchanged several very long emails with the lady who had come to us because the information seemed “off” to her.  Thank goodness!  Marge could guide her toward safe and appropriate use of essential oils and toward resources for beginners and the woman was truly grateful.

We wonder where these so-called aromatherapy experts received their training!  Are they Clinical Aromatherapists?  What are their qualifications?  PT Barnum also famously said, “A sucker is born every minute.”  Sometimes I, (Christi), wonder how people can justify publishing information that they either know will harm others or which they have no business writing about because they just aren’t qualified!  We seem to have too many self-appointed “experts” these days.  Do your homework, research, and do what I do, no matter what I am trying to study: google for the professional associations associated with that subject matter.  

For instance, AIA, NAHA, and AHNA (for holistic nurses,) are three of the most reputable professional associations for Aromatherapy in the US.  Start there.  See who they trust, use, and recommend.  Don’t randomly buy a book that looks shiny or take advice on social media without first researching!  Is the author a professional, as indicated by membership in the professional institutions above?  Does the author have a verifiable background of study and experience?

Marge’s creed for the 13 years I have worked with her is, “First, do no harm.”  This applies to everything we do at Nature’s Gift, with our clients at the forefront of our thinking, no matter our task.  We work with very powerful natural products.  The oils may be used for good or they may cause harm if used inappropriately.  

Is there such a thing as bad publicity?  I guess we must say both: YES and NO.