Friday, February 23, 2018

Children - Insomnia - Anxiety

Sometimes emails and current events prompt these articles.

A new friend named Kate wrote earlier this week:

Good Afternoon,

My 10yr old daughter has been unable to fall asleep since my husband's leukemia diagnosis over a year ago. She is restless for hours until her body eventually shuts down. We have tried conventional medicine, counseling, melatonin, new bedtime routines, etc. I am at my wit's end... A friend of mine recently suggested using an essential oil diffuser and rubbing oil on her wrists in the morning for daytime relaxation. At this point, I'll try anything!

Which essential oils would you recommend? Are there specific oils that you would suggest for daytime wear vs. nighttime diffusing? And finally, is there a specific diffuser that you find superior? (She referenced one on Amazon that I am not familiar with.)

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am a desperate mom. I'm hoping that I will finally find a solution for my daughter.
my "first thoughts" reply (keeping in mind that her daughter is 10, not a toddler!): 

Poor wee one..
Seems to me the insomnia is triggered by anxiety... so my recommendation would be to treat the underlying anxiety..    AND the insomnia... but not just the insomnia.

My first thought...  (look at the link for the aromapatch)     lavender for sleep/relaxation...  sweet orange for general mood improvement..  petitgrain bigarade for anti-anxiety AND sleep.

  The three essential oils specifically known for aiding with anxiety are     1. Neroli    2. Petitgrain Bigarade (from Italy.. in my experience the oil from Paraguay has different chemistry and is less effective) and BITTER Orange..  all oils from the same tree.

You could also look at using Neroli Hydrosol..   (ie, floral water) as a linen spray, perhaps, or a facial spritz at bedtime.   Neroli is not, by itself, sedating... but calms anxiety.  I find the Petitgrain a bit more relaxing/sleep inducing and often use it myself when insomnia strikes at 2 am.. (my mind likes to run todo lists in the middle of the night...  Petitgrain helps with that.)

Other 'sleep inducing" oils that you might look at....  Roman Chamomile... (the MOST relaxing eo!)... Lavender.. Bulgarian or Mailette...  

and we have a blend for anxiety..  called Reunit√©...     look at the anointing oil.. a skin safe dilution for pulse points/perfume type use I would look at the Reunit
é for daytime use, not bedtime.

I can't address the diffuser you have mentioned... that's a fantastic price... half what we have to sell ours for.    it might be worth trying.  what I was thinking of...  was this one..   but at more than twice the cost... go with the one you are looking at.

I would want a diffuser that can be shut off after 30-60 minutes... you don't necessarily want it to run all night.  (I use an Aromastone on my bedtable... safe and gentle, and DO let it run all night, contrary to today's guidelines.  BUT I also control the amount of oil or blend put on it.)

and, please remember.. ANY oils that you decide to apply topically need to be well diluted.. for a 10 year old I would want to use from between 1 and 2%... no stronger.  

You might want to add the right eo or blend to some unscented hand lotion... she could carry that in her back pack and apply at will, perhaps???

May I use your question and this answer in a blog article?  It's not the first time I've been asked about this..

hope some of the suggestions help!  Please may request up to 4 free samples with an order in the comments box at checkout.. so when planning..  request samples of the highest priced... to see how she responds...

poor wee one... let's get her (and her mom) some rest.

NOTE:  I would not normally have turned this conversation into a blog article, but with the most recent school shooting in Florida, how many children are sleepless from anxiety? How many are realizing that their school may not be the safe haven they deserve?  I can not change what is happening in our country, but perhaps we can ease the burden some of our children are carrying.

Kate's response, when I asked if I could share with you all?
Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and speedy response.... You're God sent. Feel free to utilize my questions in your blog. It would be nice to know that some good could come of our struggles.

With Much Appreciation,


Yes...  let some good come out of their struggles...  

Please share this with any friends you think could benefit from it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

affiliate links?

An old friend suggested that I become an affiliate of a new service she is providing.  Recommend her service, if people sign up, Nature's Gift gets paid.

And my immediate response was, "We don't do affiliates." and we dropped the subject.

But the idea of affiliate links has been running around in my head ever since.

And I'm glad that we don't.

You have all seen them, the blogs, the websites, that give a glowing review of a product. With a link to buy it.  Not from the person writing about it, but from Amazon, or a supplier, or the producer, or, whoever.

Some of these are perfectly innocent.  Mommy bloggers who are in love with a product and want to recommend it, and also get paid if their friends click on the link.

But there can be a dark underside of the whole affiliate concept...when the writer goes from recommending a product, service, school that they love, to only recommending products, services and schools that will pay for the recommendation.  A sort of "pay to play" arrangement.  And you, as the reader, can't know.  Does this writer recommend things she loves, and sometimes get paid for it? Or does she only recommend things that she gets paid to recommend?

We have all seen this.  I have watched it happen in this field that I love, and I suspect those who love the oils are not unique.  It probably happens in any industry, any area.

But... we don't.   Because when we recommend a school,  a practitioner, a product, I want you to know that we *love* it.  We hope you will love it too. At the very least, we want you to know that it exists.

Now, there is ONE exception to our "no affiliate links" policy.  Our "book list."  There are some books, rare and hard to find, like Sal Battaglia's and Madeleine's that we gladly import to make available to you.  We believe in them, and we "put our money where our mouth is."

If it were possible to offer all the books that we think you should be reading at a reasonable price, we would stock them.

But if we stocked them, you would still buy from Amazon. We can not match their prices for books printed in the US. So, we review the books that we recommend, and give a link for purchasing on Amazon.  If you purchase via our link we make perhaps 25 cents or so on the purchase.

These are our only affiliate links.  If you see me blog, or post on Facebook, or write a newsletter about another company,  a product that is not ours, a course that interests us... it's because we are enthusiastic about it, not because we are being paid.

Thank you for listening.